#preference 5 BSM you walk on stage/interview

Niall(age 5): Niall always sang you to sleep and now he didnt so you came on stage because you wanted him to sing for you your mother tried to stop you but it didnt work *on stage* you runned straight into the arms of Liam because he was sweet Niall didnt noticed you untill the audience screamed aaahh so Nall turned to you and said : y/n why are you out here you are supposed to stay by mom you: but i want you to sing to me i need to sleep and you always sing for me Niall; What about we all sing you to sleep *starts singing lullababy* you: *falls asleep* liam: I’ll take her to your mother ok Niall: Sure

Sorry guys im going to finish this when i’m home im at my work right now and i wanted to write something so here you go !

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